September 21—22, 2024

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2024 Wilmot Warrior Weekend



On the first day of 2023, Doc Mike as he was widely known was a newly minted inpatient at Wilmot Cancer Center, being told just the day before that he had Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Fast forward through a couple of chemo treatments, clinical trial drugs, and bone marrow biopsies, and on April 11 Mike received a stem cell transplant, and was home 13 days later. Mike would spend the next couple of months recovering and building back his strength.  If you see him today, you’d never know he was sick.  A true miracle! 

But not all are so fortunate.  In a strange and unfortunate twist of fate, in November of 2023 Mike's sister-in-law “Dino” also underwent a stem cell transplant at Mt. Sinai in New York city (she lived in Long Island). His sister’s experience was sadly different:  she passed away from a rare chemotherapy complication less than 20 days after receiving the transplant.  She is terribly missed.   

Think about it:  Twice in one year, in one family, with the same blood cancer???!!   

That’s why the DocMikeRocs team is honoring both Mike and his dear sister-in-law by participating in the Wilmot Warrior Weekend.  You can help by either donating to our team (THANK YOU!) or joining a great team of walkers, runners and bikers to raise money for Wilmot Cancer Center. 

Quick facdt:  Did you know that 100% of the money raised stays in Rochester?  Wilmot leaders use the money to fund “research start ups” so physicians and researchers can continue to pursue treatments that cure cancer.  One of the research studies funded from last year’s Warrior Weekend is looking at ways to lull cancer cells into a forever sleep!  Wouldn’t that be great?!  We need more experiences like Mike had, and way less than what my poor sister suffered through.

Thank you for considering a donation!  To become part of our team, visit this page to learn more:

 #WilmotWarrior #DocMikeRocs

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