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10th Annual Wilmot Warrior Walk: Celebrating Life Beyond Cancer

Team Robbins Strong

If you know me then chances are you already know why I’m so passionate about supporting Wilmot and especially cancer research. My life was completely turned upside down when I was diagnosed with leukemia, but I’m fortunate to be here today—healthy and cancer free! 50+ years ago the survival rate for the type of leukemia that I had was slim; but thanks to the advances that were made through cancer research to find the most effective and successful treatment, the survival rate is now above 90%. My battle with cancer was extremely difficult but I feel at peace with the hardships I’ve faced knowing that something good can come from it, which is helping in the fight against cancer by sharing my story and advocating for the millions of others who have had their lives affected by cancer as well.

Please join me and Team Robbins Strong for the 2022 Wilmot Warrior Walk to support cancer research and the Judy DiMarzo Cancer Survivorship Program! Thank you for standing by my side in the fight against cancer!

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