2017 Warrior Walk: Celebrating Life Beyond Cancer

Jan and Crystal at Survivor's Night at Frontier Field- 2015
Jan and Crystal at Survivor's Night at Frontier Field- 2015

WWJD? (What Would Jan Do?)


Cancer sucks!


 In my lifetime, I have lost too many loved ones to cancer, and a few years ago, it decided to make a visit to me personally.  I am fortunate to say that I am now a cancer SURVIVOR!  However, cancer took my mom this year at the young age of 67.  My mom, Jan, LOVED life, and remained positive and as strong as possible, even through her last diagnosis, chemo, many surgeries, dialysis, etc.  This is why I have named my team "What Would Jan Do?".

 Jan would walk if she could, with the goal of raising money for cancer research.  She would be the first to voice hope that one day, kids (yes, I'm calling myself a kid) wouldn't have to lose their parents WAY too soon to this horrible disease.  


I know that everyone has been touched by cancer in some way, and so often it leaves you feeling helpless.  This is a way to get rid of that helpless feeling, and do something for the greater good.


Won't you join me in WALKING (yeah, we're definitely NOT running a 5K) to raise money for cancer research?  Click on the "Join Team" button to the right, and be a WARRIOR with me!



Each year, thousands of people are diagnosed with cancer. It’s time to bring the community together to make a difference for those cancer impacts. Wilmot Cancer Institute will host the 5th annual Wilmot Warrior Walk Sunday, September 10, 2017 at Highland Park Bowl in Rochester. The event includes a 5K, 10K and 1-mile walk as well as fun activities during the post-race celebration. Proceeds support the Judy DiMarzo Cancer Survivorship Program and cancer research efforts at Wilmot Cancer Institute. Show your support by joining our team today!

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