2017 Stroll for Strong Kids

Peter's Posse

-- We started this team,"Peter's Posse" as many of you know, Danielle and Phil Coleman welcomed a handsome, strong baby boy into this world on March 5th at just 24 weeks, named Peter Ross Coleman!  We want to honor the fight in our newest addition to the family and also support all the professionals that help him everyday. 

The goal is to help raise awareness and support for the new Golisano's Children Hospital and the NICU. Many parents spend countless hours at their little ones bedside when they have to be in the NICU. The "Stroll for Strong Kids" is an awesome fundraising event for the Children's Hospital and a fun time for the whole family!

*For Gift Information- Donate to ANY of the NICU program selections or any area of the Children's Hospital that you would like your donation to go towards- Every little bit helps the hospital!**

The team fundraising goal of $2,400.00 was decided as Peter was born at 24 weeks! 

Join our team by clicking the "Join Team" button. Can't join us? Please consider making a donation to help our team! 

About Golisano Children's Hospital

**Each year, 85,000 kids from all over New York State rely on Golisano Children's Hospital for heart surgery, neurosurgery, treatment of lung disease, cancer, eating disorders and more. 

**Strong's NICU is the only one of its kind in the Finger Lakes Region. It's a highly specialized, nationally recognized center providing the highest level of care available for sick or premature newborns (Level IV), including advanced treatment for respiratory failure, heart disease, and neurologic injury. 

**Every year, they care for more than 1,200 newborns in the NICU! They offer 2 "Ronald McDonald Houses", one that is right within the hospital. They are available to accommodate parents of the most critically ill infants.

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