Saturday, June 1, 2024 | Genesee Valley Park, 1000 E River Rd, Rochester, NY 14623

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Mia's Marchers


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2024 Stroll for Strong Kids and 5K

Mia's Marchers

The annual Stroll for Strong Kids Walk and 5K Run is June 1st at Genesee Valley Park. We cannot wait to see all of you and celebrate another year of Mia's Marchers!

Mia has overcome so much. We are grateful for the doctors she has had since the beginning and are still caring for her, those that she had and then left for better opportunities and/or retirement and those that have newly joined her care team. As you know, it is not just the doctors that help you through these difficult times, it's the nurses, support staff and volunteers that bring comfort and smiles. Those that clean the rooms, bring the food, play games, offer a hug, bring in therapy dogs and so many more that really help everyone heal through these difficult times. If you have stayed at Golisano Children's Hospital, then you know the entire community is one of  love and care. While we know not every experience is positive, we continue to believe that the positive experiences far exceed the negative.  

Not only do you need outstanding people, you also need a child friendly facility. For example, when we first began our journey, the Children's Hospital was one floor at Strong and standard rooms were double occupancy. When Mia would hear the child next to her cry, she would cry and become increasingly anxious. Now Children's is its own building and standard rooms are private. It makes such a difference when you can control some of the things around you. In addition, during extended stays, we can shower in our private room. No more running back home to shower and zooming back before rounds or the next procedure! The radiology department is now pediatric friendly and so is the decor that surrounds it. During the first 10 year, Mia's MRI's were conducted on adult machines, even when she was a newborn. Having pediatric equipment more appropriate in size, and less intimidating (a pirate ship with kids' movies playing on the ceiling versus a big yellow, metal bullet), is priceless.

All of that being said, you have raised over $117,000, contributing to hospital improvements that have reached the lives of so many children and their families. Thank you for continually supporting Mia, our family and a cause that is very important to us! 

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