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Lawniczak Triplets


Raised to Goal of $7,300.00


2024 Stroll for Strong Kids and 5K

Lawniczak Triplets

The Lawniczak Triplets have had a big year! Since our first Stroll last year, Micah and Rebecca have:

  • ​been discharged from pulmonary follow-ups
  • graduated from physical and occupational therapy
  • transitioned to whole milk
  • excelled at speech therapy
  • learned to walk
  • rounded out their heads-no more helmets
  • ditched their feeding tubes
  • come off all medicines
  • received the sacrament of Baptism
  • become the sweetest, happiest toddlers
  • turned ONE!

Since last year, Emma's Club has been dedicated to remembering, honoring, and celebrating our dear Emma Cherise. Through the efforts of our members, we have:

  • ​created a memorial video
  • organized clothing drives for the NICU and for the RRH Healthy Moms Program
  • created a Christmas craft featuring a festive photo of Emma
  • Sewn laundry bags and developmental hearts for the NICU
  • fundraised to support the NICU
  • shared stories and pictures and memories of our girl
  • celebrated Emma's first birthday
  • donated tons of books to the babies in the NICU in honor of the trio
  • read to Emma and blew bubbles for her on her angelversary

Please help us to support the hospital that not only saved our children, but continues to provide them services through their different care teams!

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