September 21—22, 2024

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Wilmot Warrior Weekend

VIS Strong

Cancer has rocked Victor Intermediate School one too many times. It is our honor to come together as a newly formed team this year to raise awareness and money for the incredible doctors, nurses, researchers & staff at Wilmot Cancer Institute of which we’ve had the honor of being taken care of. We’ve had several colleagues who have been the recipients of the incredible care these warriors provide. 

Jameson Ricigliano, a Special Education Teacher at VIS and Baseball Coach at Victor is currently fighting recurrent lymphoma at Wilmot Cancer Center. He was first diagnosed in 2021, through treatments went into remission until the spring of 2023 when his cancer came back and spread to his brain. Jameson is a warrior & is our inspiration.

Kathleen Habecker, a 6th Grade Teacher at VIS and Track and Field Coach at Victor, was diagnosed with an incurable brain tumor in 2020. She takes a clinical trial drug weekly to battle her tumor, which has shrunk nearly 50% since diagnosis because of the treatments at Wilmot Cancer Center. 

Ellen Thayer, a Special Education teacher at VIS, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016. Through chemotherapy & surgery, she has been cancer-free for 7 years. Unfortunately, 4 years later, her husband Todd Thayer was diagnosed with lung cancer. He sadly passed last summer after a 2 ½ year courageous battle & is missed every day.

Marissa Smith, our school nurse, was diagnosed in October 2019 with a grade 1 pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor. She had the Whipple Procedure in November 2019 and spent 26 days at the Wilmot Cancer Center. She went in the Monday before Thanksgiving and came home the Friday just before Christmas. They removed half of her stomach, gallbladder, half of her pancreas & 30 centimeters of her small bowel. She is thankfully in remission and is scanned annually for checks.

Karen Varricchio, a Math AIS Teacher at VIS, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2019. Through surgery, she has been cancer-free for 4 years & we are so thankful!

Cancer impacts so many. Having 3 people diagnosed within 5 years of each other in the same elementary school hits home and makes us one determined and close-knit community. Our goal with fundraising is to spread awareness & to raise funds that Wilmot Cancer Center needs to conduct research for new treatments that are needed to save lives. 

Please consider joining us at Wilmot Warrior Weekend where you can walk, run, or cycle to raise awareness. This weekend is a celebration of all that we and so many others have overcome & of our true strength. We are SO proud to participate in the Wilmot Warrior Weekend on September 29 – October 1st, 2023!

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