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2023 Stroll for Strong Kids and 5K

Team Neva

Hey everyone!! It’s that time of year again and we are super excited!!

As you know on March 25th 2017 Neva had an accident and suffered 3rd degree burns to both of her hands. We were sent to Golisano Children’s hospital where we sent the next 13 days on 8 North. Within hours of being there she had her picc line placed so they could keep her comfortable, and already went in for her first debridement. It was an extremely emotional, stressful and exhausting experience for all of us. But from the moment we arrived there the staff was nothing less than amazing. Dr.Bell made it a point to come and see us everyday, on the days he wasn’t in the debridements he would still come see us even if that meant he came at 11pm he was always there to support! We had so many support staff helping us through this awful situation. Unfortunately it’s was Neva’s first birthday during all of this and the staff went above and beyond and helped celebrate her birthday! They bought her gifts and decorated her room, and made sure her day was special regardless of where she was!
After Pete and I completed all of our education on her debridements, and could successfully do it on our own and Neva was medically clear we were able to finally go home after 13 long days! Neva had a long road ahead of her but he took it one day at a time. We continued to do debridements everyday until after 5 weeks of being home Dr. Bell cleared her!!!!!!!!!
Neva is doing absolutely great now. She has to continue to go back to see Dr. Bell once a year. It was discussed that possibly at some point she may need some grafting done on her left hand. Her hands today are much more tender then the averages person and anything cold to the touch or cold weather really bothers her more then normal, other then that she’s perfect! Back when it happened we asked Dr.Bell what he would do if it were his child and he said he would hold off on grafting because kids are so resilient and she may not need it! I’m so glad we took his advice!!!! 
This walk means so much to our family, there is no way we could ever give back what this hospital and all the staff have us, but if would could help raise money so they can help more families like ours! We would love for you to come and celebrate this special day with us and walk with our team, or just simply help us reach our goal we really appreciate it and it means so much to us! 

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