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Social media

Post on social to get the word out and encourage friends and family—in Rochester, across the country, and around the world—to join the Warrior Walk!

Key messages 

  • Wilmot Cancer Institute provides the highest-quality cancer care for patients in our region and helps advance research to improve cancer care and treatment worldwide. 
  • Cancer care and treatment doesn’t stop during a pandemic. During this time of change, we need your support!

Posting tips

  • Use the event hashtag in your posts (#WilmotWarrior).
  • Tag the Wilmot Facebook (@WilmotCancerInstitute), Twitter (@WilmotCancer) and Instagram (@wilmotcancer) accounts in your posts.
  • Tag friends, locations, and venues in your posts with @ + their username.
  • Make your post public (more details below).
  • Share your own experience or reason for supporting the Wilmot Warrior Walk. Your family and friends want to know why this cause is important to you and why they should support it! 

Post ideas

Leading up to the Warrior Walk 

  • Tag friends and family who may want to join, and share the Warrior Walk site (warriorwalk.urmc.edu) so they can register.
  • Mention your personal story or reason for participating. (Please keep your family and friend’s privacy in mind; before posting about their life, ask them if they are okay with what you want to do. If someone wants to remain private about their cancer, please respect that. In this case, you could consider sharing your reason without mentioning their name or identifying details.)  
  • Express your thanks to the frontline healthcare providers at Wilmot and around the world.
  • Share photos or video of your team t-shirts and signs.
  • Create your own sign or download one of ours—general and customizable versions are available, including coloring pages!
  • Chalk your driveway or sidewalk and share a photo or video.
  • Tie a ribbon around a tree in your front yard.
  • Share photos or video of yourself training for the walk or run.
  • Share photos or video of teammates, family, and friends, especially those who might be participating from far away.
  • Highlight event details: date (September 10—12), location (anywhere!), key messages (above).

During the Warrior Walk 

  • Share photos or video of you and your team walking and running.

At any time!

  • Share what Wilmot means to you. Did you or a loved one receive great care at Wilmot? Do you work with fantastic colleagues at Wilmot?
  • Share the event website (warriorwalk.urmc.edu) directly in your Facebook posts. If posting to Instagram, use #linkinbio, or “Link in bio” in copy, and then place the URL in your profile.

Making a post public

To reach as many people as possible, we suggest making your posts public. See below on how to make your posts public on different platforms.


On Instagram, you must make your profile public to make your posts public. Unlike Facebook, you cannot edit visibility on individual posts.

  • Navigate to your profile and tap the three lines in the top right corner.
  • Select “Settings” and then “Privacy.”
  • Beneath “Connections” you should see “Account Privacy.”
  • Make sure the “Private Account” toggle is switched to off.


On Twitter, you must make your profile public to make your posts public. Unlike Facebook, you cannot edit visibility on individual posts.

  • In the top menu, tap your profile icon, then select “Settings and privacy.”
  • Tap “Privacy and safety.”
  • Under Tweets, make sure the “Protect your Tweets” toggle is switched to off.



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