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About the Wilmot Warrior Walk

As in the past, this year’s Wilmot Warrior Walk raises funds for cancer research and the Judy DiMarzo Cancer Survivorship Program at Wilmot Cancer Institute. Despite new health challenges, cancer has not gone away, and people everywhere continue to be diagnosed and receive treatment. That’s why it’s so important to support cancer research and survivorship. 

By participating in the Wilmot Warrior Walk, you are helping to make new treatments possible. You are ensuring more survivors have a positive quality of life during and after treatment. You are helping cancer patients have more time with their family and friends. Together, we can find better ways to support everyone impacted by cancer. 

Cancer research at Wilmot Cancer Institute 

After taking a necessary pause to protect the safety of our researchers, Wilmot’s labs are back up and running, with new precautions in place. Schedules are staggered and all employees are required to wear appropriate PPE, to avoid patient care areas, and to work from home when possible. 

Our scientists remain as dedicated as ever. We have recently recruited an impressive new group of investigators, all top-flight in their fields. These scientists complement our existing team and represent the next generation, eager to fight cancer from all angles. 

They bring new perspectives, energy, and expertise in managing big data. Our researchers are studying circadian rhythms and sleep cycles; leukemia stem cells and how to use the latest CRISPR technology to identify targetable genes; and how antioxidants fuel cancer cells. They are also looking at genetic biomarkers, RNA’s role in tumors and genome mapping, epigenetics, and cancer cell programming. This group thrives on collegiality and welcomes support as they help patients and to bring new ideas to light. 

Learn more about other efforts. 

Judy DiMarzo Cancer Survivorship Program 

Today, approximately 16.9 million cancer survivors live in the U.S. and that number is expected to climb to 21.7 million by 2029. It is exciting to see more people living longer after a cancer diagnosis, but we have learned survivors face unique challenges.

In 2012, a gift from Richard DiMarzo in memory of his wife, Judy, helped Wilmot Cancer Institute launch the Judy DiMarzo Cancer Survivorship Program.

Funds raised through the Wilmot Warrior Walk help provide educational opportunities for local primary care physicians, allowing them to learn how to best meet the needs of their cancer survivor patients. Donations also contribute to the availability of survivorship appointments, during which patients review their care plans and treatment summaries as well as learn how to maintain good health and positive quality of life as their treatment ends. Learn more about Wilmot’s Survivorship Program.

Since the program started in 2013, more than 5,300 patients throughout our region have received a survivorship visit. This is all possible because of your support. 


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