2020 Warrior Walk: Celebrating Life Beyond Cancer

Team Tramontana-Molisani 9.26!

Welcome to our team page! My name is Dr. Mike Molisani and I am proud to say I am a cancer survivor, because of Wilmot Cancer Center .

In November of 2019 I was diagnosed with stage 2A Hodgkin's Lymphoma . My wife Mary Beth and I, were beyond scared ...and with a 2&3 year old at home , we felt a fear we had never experienced or expected . From catscan to surgery and then treatment planning , Wilmot was at our side every step of the way.

Dr Friedberg and his team made us truly realize we were in the best place for treatment . They assured us if Wilmot wasn't the best place for treatment , they would be the first to Point us in the right direction .

Because we are so blessed to have Wilmot Cancer Center here in my hometown of Rochester, NY...I was given the most current, research proven, and only necessary treatment, to fight this cancer . After being given rapid ABVD chemotherapy through the the winter , i was told I am cancer free after a clear petscan In March of 2020.

Team Molisani-Tramontana 9.26 was named after myself and my father in law, Tom Tramontana. I was lucky enough to share a birthday with my father in law on September 26th...hence the name 9.26.

My father in law was diagnosed with Stage 3 Non small cell lung cancer in spring of 2016. He was placed in remission after aggressive chemo and radiation and a lobectomy at Wilmot.
We were able to keep living and have some amazing years of memories and laughs over this time ... He fought and he fought hard . Tom was able to keep playing his guitar and carry out his passion of writing music and performing during these years as well. He even released his album "Midway Dream" .

In fall of 2018 his cancer returned to his brain and then his spine . The Average prognosis is roughly around 7 months for such metastasis, we were devastated as you could imagine when we learned the cancer had returned  . But because of the cancer research and the strides they are making towards improving treatment and outcomes at Wilmot constantly ... with that and the support of his family and team there , my father in law Tom lived 20 months after brain metastasis . He passed away May 17, 2020 with us at his side .He was able to share almost 4 years after initial diagnosis with his family and friends ... and most importantly his very young grandchildren.
This year I am proud to join the fight against cancer. Please help us on this journey . Each year, thousands are diagnosed with cancer. We walk for all of them . We will be walking to celebrate myself being cancer free, and especially in memory of Tom Tramontana .

Proceeds support the Judy DiMarzo Cancer Survivorship Program and cancer research efforts at Wilmot Cancer Institute. Show your support by joining me at the Wilmot Warrior Walk or giving a donation today!

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