2019 Stroll for Strong Kids

Mia passing the time in ortho, waiting for a new brace
Mia passing the time in ortho, waiting for a new brace

Mia's Marchers

June 1st will make 11 years strong!!! 11 years of medical peaks and valleys. Mia is a pro at MRIs, ultrasounds, CTscans and Xrays. Our car could probably drive to Clinton Crossings and Golisano all by itself. Mia's team of doctors have watched over her for 11 years!!! Sadly, this year two of Mia's surgeons will be leaving, one to a different hospital and one to retirement. Although we are very happy for them, we are selfishly sad and nervous. Her orthopediac surgeon has been monitoring Mia's spine and was suppose to be the one to do her spinal surgery. One thing is for sure, we have a relationship and confidence in the doctors that take care of Mia....and us!

Having a hospital and medical team that you trust is immeasurable! We have said it many times before, we feel blessed to have Golisao Children's so close. Our goal of Mia's Marchers is to keep amazing, progressive doctors coming, keep the hopsital expanding their resources and programs so families do not have to leave the area for care at other children's hospitals and to always give back so that other families can continue to benefit from Golisano.

Please spread the word, get your friends to join and/or donate. It is a wonderful event that truly is all about the kids and their families. Come see the hundreds of teams that have been formed in honor of these kids who are brave, strong and heros to all of us!!!

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