2020 Stroll for Strong Kids

Colin's All-Stars

Each year we walk in the Stroll for Strong to benefit Golisano Children's Hospital. Our Team is named Colin's All-Stars and was formed in memory of our son, Colin Riegert, who was stillborn on August 13, 2014. The hospital was extremely supportive when we lost Colin and continued to be a vital resource with our other children.

We also walk to support our son Nicholas, who has Phenylketonuria (PKU) and is treated at the PKU clinic at Golisano Children's Hospital. In March 2018, Nicholas had surgery to obtain a Gastronomy Tube, also known as a G Tube or a feeding tube, to help Nicholas with the diet he has to maintain because of his PKU. With the support of the PKU Clinic and the GI Clinic at Golisano Children's Hospital, Nicholas is doing amazing.

Just this year, the amazing team at Golisano Children's Hospital helped our family again as we welcomed our twin boys Evan and Logan. Evan stayed in the NICU for 22 days following birth, and Logan stayed 26 days. The doctors, nurses, and staff were amazing despite the extra stresses and pressures coinciding with the COVID-19 virus.

We can't even begin to describe how much Golisano Children's Hospital has helped our family. We are very lucky to be so close to this facility and its providers.

Please consider donating to Colin's All-Stars and supporting Golisano Children's Hospital and the Pediatric Genetics Clinic.

Support our team by clicking on my “Donate Now” button! We are asking you to direct your donation towards the "PKU Clinic" or "NICU" under Available Programs when prompted. Thank You.

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