2017 Stroll for Strong Kids

Devin Laurel Dailey
Devin Laurel Dailey

Team Devin

The 20th annual Stroll for Strong Kids Walk and 5K Run will be held at Genesee Valley Park on June 4 where Golisano Children’s Hospital supports will enjoy a family-friendly atmosphere full of activities. Support me by joining my team today!

Dear Friends,

Team Devin walks to remember the wonderful life of Devin Laurel Dailey (5/11/1990 -3/10/2003).  Devin was a fun loving little girl that shared many activities with us during her short period on earth who now resides in our hearts until we meet again in heaven.  Devin loved soccer, dance, swimming,  drawing, scrap booking, writing poems, her cat "Shadow Rock Kitty", her Grandma and Grandpa Dailey, her sisters, Elissa and Taylor,  her Daddy and Mommy, and her friends.  She also loved to make us  laugh!  She loved to repeat lines of movies, tell silly jokes or make puns on words to make us laugh that would turn into full belly laughs by all that were in here presence.  I love these  fun memories of our sweet Devin "Dew"! 

One Sunday morning in May 2003, we went to wake Devin for church and she wasn't breathing.  We called 911.  We began CPR and mouth to mouth.  They sent paramedics from the Greece Volunteer Ambulance (along with the Greece Fire Department and the Greece Police).  They took Devin via Ambulance to Park Ridge Hospital.  The Pediatric Team from Strong was called in to Park Ridge who then moved Devin to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Strong. 

The paramedics and the doctors were able to stabilize Devin's heart and blood pressure.  However a ventilator was breathing for her.  We don't know how long Devin was without oxygen.  When a person is deprived of oxygen, their brain swells and dies. 

Devin was a giver during life, always volunteering a pencil to a friend, or her seat to a stranger.  As our Angel was passing from this world to the next, she also shared 5 of her organs with others in need to help them live  longer, happy, healthier lives.   

Please help us remember the life of Devin Laurel Dailey and support Team Devin to benefit the children at the Golisano Children's Hospital at Strong. Please consider joining "Team Devin" and stroll with us this year on Saturday, June 3, 2017.  Please sign up on the webpage and "join"  Team Devin!

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