2018 Stroll for Strong Kids

Peter's Posse




Please honor Peter turning ONE on March 5 by donating and/or

walking with our team! He was born at 24 weeks and 3 days. He

spent five months in the NICU at the Children's Hospital and

we owe so much to everyone that came in contact with Peter

his stay. Their commitment, love and advocacy for Peter

get him to where he is today...a happy, healthy and

active baby!


Last year we raised $10,000 and if we can even raise half of

that we would be so happy! We would love for you to join us for

the walk to celebrate Peter and thank GCH for all they have

done. Even though (luckily) our time at the NICU has ended, the

important and lifesaving work that Golisano Children's Hospital

doesn't. So please donate and walk with us! It is such a fun day!

What?: The 22nd annual Stroll for Strong Kids Walk and 5K Run

Where?: Genesee Valley Park. 

When? June 2nd. 5K starts at 8:30, Walk at 10:30.

When donating, please consider designating it to the NICU

Nursing..they buy things that directly go to the babies- swings,

mobiles, toys, etc. 

Team shirts for the Stroll are up for purchase. If you are not

attending the stroll, but still want to order a shirt that's great

too! Copy and paste the link below to order!






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