2018 Stroll for Strong Kids

Chase's Chromies

The 22nd annual Stroll for Strong Kids Walk and 5K Run will be held at Genesee Valley Park on June 2nd where Golisano Children’s Hospital supporters will enjoy a family-friendly atmosphere full of activities. Support me by joining my team today!

As Chase's first birthday gets closer we feel more grateful than ever for the amazing care he continues to receive at the Golisano Children's Hospital. We spent the first 24 days of Chase's life with the loving nurses and doctors in the NICU & have since spent nights in the PICU. Chase has Down Syndrome & Hirschsprung's Disease and will continue to be followed by his medical team for years to come. Having a hospital close to home with specialized pediatrician doctors & the plentiful amenities GCH offers has really made a difference in our lives. Please consider joining our team in the stroll and/or donate this year to Chase's team to help show our apprecition. 

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